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Virginia Eastern Shorekeeper's Baja Pics

Keep them coming folks. These are great as well.


Linda Sheehan posted her photos


Some great stuff in here!


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Se efectúa doceava conferencia anual Waterkeepers Allianceúa-la-doceava-coferencia-anual-Waterkeepers-Alliance

Se efectúa doceava conferencia anual Waterkeepers Alliance

15 de Junio de 2010

La organización Waterkeepers Alliance sección La Paz realizó un foro público donde participaron servidores públicos y comunidades de la región. El objetivo, intercambiar puntos de vista en temas como el potencial del activismo, la conservación del agua y los retos que existen para la sustentabilidad de las costas.

noticias de los cabos

Last day/night/morning, in Baja with WATERKEEPER Alliance

Well my friends and fellow WATERKEEPERS, I have finally finished the photos from the conference and have posted slideshows and links to them all.
Below is the last and wildest night and day of all. It was an honor and a privilege to shoot this group of the worlds finest.

If you have photos you would like posted to this blog, send them to me in what ever format you have them and I will post to a page with your name and logo if you will send them along. Be sure to include photo credits and home program name.

I will be producing a video with comments to our absent Gulf Keepers and the conference in general. If you have video clips you want in there, send them along

If you have lat. long. of your location, send that along and I will create a Google map of photographers.

I love you guys and want you all to know what an inspiration you all are to me. I came home ready to get back in the saddle kick some more butt! It was the first trip I have ever taken where I photographed both sunset on the Pacific...


and sunrise over the Gulf of Mexico
from a plane on the same journey.
(5 hours in Mexico City sleeping on the floor)

When the stewardess woke me to fasten my seat belt, I looked out the window and was over my home on Hurricane Creek. Descending to land, I could follow it to the Black Warrior River, which leads to the Gulf of Mexico that I had just flown over, then over our Cahaba RIVERKEEPERS watershed to Birmingham after leaving my international family of WATERKEEPERS in Baja Mexico. I knew then what a blessing it is to be a part of something this huge and yet have the smallest watershed in the family of WKA. Rick Dove once said that Hurricane Creek is a little creek that roars! You guys and gals give that roar volume!

John L. Wathen, Your Hurricane CREEKKEEPER

Here is a link to the entire album

Saturday, June 12, 2010

WKA Baja 06_09_10

 Link To Entire Album

WKA Baja 06-09-10,WKA Baja 06-09-10

WKA Baja 06_10_10


Links to all photos from this date...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Presentation of Guanabara Baykeeper

Attached the presentation of Guanabara Baykeeper  and a photo with Environment Ministry of Brazil

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


China, Peru, Columbia, Geneva Switzerland, and even good old Alabama all arrived together...
La Paz will never be the same!

WATERKEKEPER Alliance conference 2010

This is where I will post photos, video, and try to keep up with my WATERKEEPER FAMILY!